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Introducing Luke Davidson

South African-born Luke Davidson drops his first two singles to radio this week, releasing Million Years and The Lover as a debut musical spectrum.

Luke Davidson is unlike most songwriters. The music industry has seen countless artists launch their recording careers in their late teens and early twenties, fuelling the idea that you need to be young to be successful. Davidson breaks this mould and takes the leap in his thirties. Not unheard of though as the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bill Withers, and Debbie Harry (from Blondie) all launched their careers in their thirties. This was never a factor for Davidson who instead waited till he was ready, and it shows in his singles Million Years and The Lover.

Listen to ‘Million Years’ –

Listen to ‘The Lover’ –

There’s a clear diversity between the two singles which makes for an interesting introduction to Davidson. Why the different sounds? Davidson explains, saying Million Years is more a true depiction of where my music has come from. It's truer to the roots of my musical indie rock background. When I’m sitting on my couch at home and playing a few tunes on the guitar, Million Years is the kind of flavour that is created. This is a melodic indie rock song with a hint of Twenty One Pilots energy coming through. When I sat down with the amazing producer Francois de Klerk (who’s worked with the likes of Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel) our creative expressions went a little wild creating something completely different to what we normally do, an EDM contemporary deep house track. Listening to TiMO ODV and The Weeknd, we thought ‘let’s create something of our own in this genre’, and so we did and here we have it - The Lover

Delving deeper into each song and first looking at Million Years as the track that is the most representative of Davidson’s writing, the theme is also very relevant to the launch of his recording career. Million Years I wrote as a conversation with myself, my inner teacher. I have moments of self-doubt and disappointment, sometimes it’s about the feeling that I can’t reach the expectations I set out for myself. As the lyrics depict, what if in a million years I might not reach the personal state I expect of myself to reach, would you still love me and would I still be able to love myself? It’s a song depicting a journey through my individual inner challenges. The internal conversations I find myself discussing in an attempt to move forward. I ask myself will it be ok if I don’t make it, and if I’m just here as I am, or will I still love myself and will you have the heart to love me too?” and Davidson’s lyrics and vocal delivery beautifully carries the feel of this desperation and worry.

The Lover is a complete 180 from Million Years and explores a more playful side to Davidson. “I wrote this with the intention in mind that in a dance/club environment the presence of fun, love, the hunt, sexual attraction, lust, and coolness play a very big role in having a good night out. This song is intended for those that wish to feel something unique and special while living in this jungle world of desire that through this energetic dance track we can together reach for that enlightened space of existence. Something of substance, real, unselfish, something special, not of ourselves.”

Davidson started developing his musical skills very early in life, writing his first song at age 11 with the help of his mother and father. Thereafter he learned how to play the piano and guitar in his teens and very quickly started composing his own songs. Like all aspiring musicians, he started playing in school bands and enjoying camp fire guitar sessions with friends. Soon the passion grew into a desire to entertain and express an array of meaningful moments in music. His twenties were filled with pub gigs during which he was selected for the Cape Town Rocks CD compilation and the Barleycorn singer songwriter’s competition final, but he continued to stay a musician under the radar.

It’s only in his thirties that Davidson decided to take his music to producers and invest some time in his songs with international industry professionals. Listening to the few tracks Davidson has released, his songs have an influence of current indie rock mixed with an EDM flare. His 90’s rock roots have integrated well with the current music flavour and is innovative in its style and production.

This is just the beginning for Luke Davidson. He is ready for the world to hear his music and there’s a lot more to look forward to.

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