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Avi G

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November 21, 2017

Creating music since 2007, Joburg-based Avi G is no newcomer to the music scene. Describing his sound as Pop/Hip Hop, Avi G(real name Avarshan Govender) has worked hard on building his career. Honest, his previous single released with his brother Priv Roc, has been his most successful release to date and achieved success across South African campus radio as well as San Diego college radio. The music video for Honest was filmed by Kyle White and received play on MTV locally (watch the music video here). 

‘Feel It’ is his latest single release and was been a timeous work in progress. Even though the single took longer than expected to write and record, the time spent to perfect it was worthwhile and the addition of Lpee a perfect finishing touch. 

How did Avi G discover Lpee? “It was crazy how we met... I was searching for someone with his sound but didn't even know where to start. I tried Google, different sites but it was so hard to find what I was looking for and have them be in the same area so we could get into studio together to be able explain what I wanted him to do on the track... One day I was scrolling on Instagram and saw one of my friends was in studio with Lpee and they posted a video of them jamming to a track they just did. When I heard Lpee's part I instantly knew that’s what I was looking for and he must have been in my area because he was recording with my friend. So, I reached out to him over Instagram, we met in studio and the rest is history!”

Avi G explains the message behind Feel It, saying “The song is about feeling the vibe with someone you don't necessarily know that well but feel a connection with knowing it’s something special and can't be ignored.” Feel It was written and produced by Avi G and recorded, mixed and mastered at The Yard Studios.

Summer and holiday vibes are around the corner and there’s no better soundtrack to the fun than ‘Feel It’!


Feel It is out now across all digital platforms:

[Feel It – single cover art]


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We can all agree that good visuals of a song makes it even more interesting to like, the lyrics and beats are all okay but the videos just adds to the perfection which is why most artists go all their way out to making the best music videos they can.

A lot counts when judging the visuals of the song, best quality, a sensible story-line, if the music video coincide with the message of the song or if it was well directed and not all over the place include sound effects and special effects.

It can take a lot longer than one may think to make a video, so by the time; it’s finished the single might have come out. Artists usually make the video for a subsequent single on the album, that’s why you find that only 3 or 4 songs get to have videos on each album of the artist. The 3 minutes of the video might have taken an artist and his team to master including pre-production, production and post post-production.

The music videos listed below are 10 out of many best that have been made great in result they have had a huge number of views on YouTube as compared to others. Even though in SA we haven’t had artists breaking YouTube history like your American Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift who’ve had billions of view we’ve had the best, after all we are still a developing country even in the entertainment sectors.

the ledgendary late BRENDA FASSIE'S "VULINDLELA" taking the crown with over 8 million views on youtube 

Disco Dream

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November 15, 2017

The recently released single, ‘Disco Dream’ is a track that causes its listeners to experience a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations within the first few seconds of the song and unavoidably triggers disco-esque dancing and grooving frenzy.


Behind this electrifying new single is none other than the vigorously charismatic brand of electro, Rumswinger who has fired up the stages of Rocking the Daisies, Rezonance, J&B Met, Flamjangled Tea Party, Cape Town Music Festival, Five for Change and some of South Africa’s hottest clubs locally and abroad.


This hot dance track is now available to download/stream on all major digital platforms:



Seconds Before We Met

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November 15, 2017

All Instruments, Production and Vocals courtesy of Kantona (All tracks), Vergil So ("Hue" and "Her"), Greene ("Bravado"), Jordan Aerts ("Aura" and "Dusk"), Llucky ("Bravado") and Francis Jay ("Hue" and "Dusk")

All tracks mixed by Kantona

Available on Audiomack


Handles: instagram @yourbrotherkantona


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