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The enlightened switch show is a show that aims to support local mostly gospel, hip hop  and afro pop music.
Utilizes music to empower and enrich souls.
Music can heal, encourage and empower. Enriching the mind and enhancing the soul.
For spiritual upliftment, to talking about music, music that talks to the soul and enriches mind . ...

 Vault Sessions is a show striving to bring listeners sounds primarily from Durban that are yet to be heard.

This show aims to make you dance and feel at ease too.

So Tune in for the rollercoaster on Thursdays at 15h00 - 16h00.


An innovative Hip Hop show under the Emendy Radio umbrella, hosted by the boy Stige Lebaka, bringing you nothing but Hip Hop!! The freshest Hip Hop playlists from local, international, Old School, New "sauce", Backpack, Trap, Motswako, Skhanda, Gomora, Tshepe Hip Hop artists!!! The show also features segments like "Culture news" which basically give the listener an overview of the current affairs in the Hip Hop industry, all around the world. This show will also, of course, feature interviews from some of the freshest players in the hip hop game! We Outchea!!!! 


Join The Giiirlllzz every Monday from 09:00-10:00 where we bring new sounds, new topics and a fresh start to your week.

Join in on our discussions where we address issues that affect us and those around us directly. We spice up the conversations with doing thorough research and interviewing experts on the topics to bring you only the best insight. We ask the hard questions that most radio presenters avoid and we also have our music segments, kicking your day off with our Monday motivation playlist to get you out of bed and ready for the week ahead. We also have the Local segment where we feature songs of up-and-coming artists and occasionally have intimate acoustic sessions with them, live in studio.

So what are you waiting for? It's Monday and we got just the cure for the blues- you snooze you loose... so wake up shleepy head...


Natural Curls is a show that consists of a medley of RnB/Soul, poetry and her own compositions.

You can expect to be inspired by waves of calming, soul searching symphonies.
Tune in every wednesday where you can reflect and relax in the middle of the week.

Tarryn provides motivational quotes to get you up and get you through the week ahead, with the old school segment that will take you back to the days when your parents danced in the kitchen. 

With the passion for music let's start a nation that respects all that is good and pure. 

Every Wednesday at 15:00 don't miss out. 

Let the waves take you to a place, where your heart is content and your soul is embraced hosted by your girl Tarryn

The Campus Count Down


The campus count down is a round up of your favourite house jams listed from 10 to 1, hosted by non other than your favourite super hero Sterio_T. Streaming live from 9am to 10am every Wednesday.


You will only intake the best local talent that South Africa has to offer when coming to house music whiles feeding your appetite to dance. Ranging from deep house to afro house. So join the dance revolution and save the world one dance move at a time.

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  • EMENDY Radio is a local an online based radio station run and managed by the students of EMENDY Multimedia Institute. The station's misson is to play and promote local music from South African artist and producers, bands and DJ's.

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+27 12 342 1177
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  • "There are very few things we know with complete and utter certainty, so relax humanity."- Leo Christopher