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Shea-Leigh Scheppel (Radio DJ) Shealz

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Shea-Leigh is a singer/songwriter slowly making her way into the music industry with an absolute love and passion for music.

Inspired by funk infused "goosebumpy" grooves, the unique, unusual, and original sounds of local and international artists, she aims to take you on a journey through the mind, heart, and soul with the music she shares.

She looks forward to making your day with super tasty, local jams.

From indie, to funk, to punk, and whatever puts a groove in your heart - whether it's just to chill, or get up and dance - she's ready to take you there!

Shea-Leigh Scheppel

Singer/songwriter with an absolute love and passion for music, inspired by funk infused "goosebumpy" grooves. Sharing the love with music for the soul. It's all about music.

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  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.