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Lara Putter (Music Director)

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During my youth I remember spending most weekends taping and watching "Top 10" on MTV, watching and rewatching every behind the scenes footage I could get my hands on from my favourite artists, admiring the craftmanship for hours,  just to get the answer on what made their music so magical.

It was in watching a performance of an artist many years later, that something in my spirit just dropped and irrefuseably  promted me to stop studying towards my BSc Biological Sciences degree and start wholeheartedly pursuing my passion and dream to be in the music industry. 

My greatest desire is to see and help others see their potential, make their vision come to life and fulfill their dreams, especially in the music industry.

I truly believe that the best is yet to come for the South African music industry. I believe there are many hidden gems. I believe there is a future for artists here. That's why in my role as Music Director, I'm eager to discover and give artists and performers the platform that Emendy Radio can offer them, to help them one step further in living out their dreams.


  • EMENDY Radio is a local an online based radio station run and managed by the students of EMENDY Multimedia Institute. The station's misson is to play and promote local music from South African artist and producers, bands and DJ's.

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