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Christ Jesus is EVERYTHING to me!!!!!

Born, Samkeliso Sizwe Nkosi (Phreyz), in Soweto, grew up in Witbank (Mpumalanga) and currently living in Pretoria, am as ordinary - a person - as the fellow man with my own set of dreams/aspirations/goals. But the DIFFERENCE between me and the fellow person is that my passion and drive to do what i was called and purposed to do speaks volumes (at least to me)! All is a matter of life and death to me....

Do not let my being introverted fool you!

Im a lover of music (good music that is - no matter the genre) and all things Christ-like. I am walking talent (LOL) - for real dough... I write songs in my spare time if not examining the music industry for loopholes on how and where i can implement strategies that can enable me to bring LIFE to the game (S.A hip hop game).

i wouldn't put myself in a box and say that i believe only in people who believe in me, although that is very much the case... But i do believe and am fond of them that put their faith in the things of the Almighty GOD! sorry if i come off as too "spiritual" to you but hey.......... IT IS WHAT IT IS!


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  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.