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Richman "Leon"

Richman Moyo whos stage name is "Leon" is a songwriter, a Worship and Hip Hop Gospel artist passionate about music and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Tembisa, Johannesburg South Africa. The Bring It On 2013 Award winner in the Christian rap category, He's the artist behind "The End From The Beginning God Mixtape" 2015. Leon says "My motivation comes from sounds from different instruments and nature, motions captured in video scenes and pictures, there's hidden beauty in them..."

Catch me on "The Motivation" Radio Show every Wednesday evening @1830hrs - 1930hrs. Emendy Radio.

The Motivation

February 28, 2018
 "The Motivation" Radio Show by Leon & Chante' is a platform where we dissect all aspects of life...
Telling from the word "motivation" coming from the word "motive" which basically means the reason for doing things or behaving in a specific way, that litterally is the purpose and aim of the show so as to play the music and talk about situations together with having interviews with different inspirational enterprenuers, musicians, instrumentalists and more such that in any area of our lives as humans, we actually have the right motive in pursuing whatever we are willing to pursue.
Join us every Wednesday @1830 - 1930 for your weekly motivation!


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  • "There are very few things we know with complete and utter certainty, so relax humanity."- Leo Christopher