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Lesego Moloi

Lesego Moloi

Lez the Dj

February 27, 2018

Hey I’m Lez the Dj. Born 1998 November the 12 (19 years of age) in a small neighbourhood named Ratanda located in Heidlberg; Gauteng.I am a very passionate, driven, and energetic individual. I enjoy music and the specific genre I relate to the most is Acoustic (Stripped Down Sound) music. My favourite artist currently is Allen Stone (Song: Naturally).


I’ve joint this venture of radio because I believe it’s a great platform to express my creativity through music. Radio also allows you to connect with people through music. As a radio Dj I aim to provide good music and a great vibe to listeners.


Emendy Radio has built a great platform whereby I can explore my creativity in a wide range of ways. Radio is a challenge, of which I have chosen to accept.


February 26, 2018

ARTistiK is a new radio show (hosted by Yure and Lez the Dj) that plays good music produced and performed by unknown, unsigned artists. It also explores a wide range of controversial topics in relation to the music played on the show. The show includes a mixture (a balance) of intriguing conversation and good music.


ARTistiK has been established in the aims to bridge the gap between consumers of music and upcoming, unsigned artists. It provides an opportunity of exposure for the artists in order for them to be discovered by the market consumer. The show enables the artist to build a sufficient fan base.


As a new radio show; listeners should stay tuned because the show has so much to offer. This includes great music, food for thought conversations, and over-all a fantastic vibe. The radio show plays different types of music ranging from House music to Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc. ARTistiK appeals to all, but mainly appeals towards the youth.


Stay tuned to ARTistiK and enjoy the melodies coming straight to you here on Emendy Radio.


  • EMENDY Radio is a local an online based radio station run and managed by the students of EMENDY Multimedia Institute. The station's misson is to play and promote local music from South African artist and producers, bands and DJ's.

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